5 Ways to Bring Out the Best in Your Office Manager

Maintaining a successful optometry practice is just as challenging as building one from the ground up. A capable office manager could prove to be a big help, but only if they’re properly managed.

If your optometry practice is riddled with administrative hiccups and daily issues adversely affecting productivity, it’s a sign that you need to work on your relationship with your office manager. This will help boost morale and in turn, benefit your practice. Here’s how you do this:

Communicate Frequently and Openly

We all know how great a role communication plays in our personal and professional lives. Make sure your office manager knows you are approachable and always willing to offer a safe space to talk. Since your office manager is your link to the rest of the team, you must give this relationship its due priority.

While formal, scheduled meetings are a good idea, quick lunches might provide the perfect informal setting to your office manager to discuss issues with ease.

Trust and Respect
The fact is, you’ve hired your office manager and it would be safe to assume that they’ve undergone a background check, an interview or two, and perhaps you’ve even spoken with a recruiter about them.

Trust yourself and your manager, enough to give them free rein when it comes to doing what they’re meant to do. Resist the urge to micro-manage and step in only if it comes to decisions impacting your practice in a significant way. Be receptive to their ideas, and watch them and your practice flourish.

Allow them to Manage People

Again, remind yourself why you’ve hired your office manager. They’re there to manage your optometry practice and take some load off your shoulders.

Ideally, managers should take complete responsibility of office staff. Let them sharpen their interpersonal skills and have them deal with other employees as needed. It is imperative that you don’t undermine their authority in front of others.

Value Their Input

Invite your manager to share ideas and voice opinions, especially when it comes to technology and the overall running of your business. Since office managers are the entity to which everything and everyone at your practice is connected, their observations and analyses are likely to be astute. Lead discussions with them and find out what they think about certain aspects of the practice.

You might also consider encouraging them to stay abreast with the latest software in office management or the best practices to run your business.

Invest in Your Manager

Investing in your employees can create worthwhile business opportunities. Make sure your office manager attends relevant workshops and formal training programs in order to better understand the different aspects of your practice whether that is retail or something else.

At the end of the day, if you’ve hired an office manager, learn to value them as a resource. People want to feel seen and heard. Office managers are no different; let them know you have confidence in their abilities and they will not falter.

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