5 Things ODs Value The Most In Corporate Optometry

It is true that most individuals accept a job based upon the salary they are being offered from that place. However, as time goes on, there are more things these individuals begin to value. In addition to the salary, there are some other factors that can keep an individual hooked to their workplace. Here are some of them:

1. Working Environment

Every corporate optical has its own set of values. The first set value should be the relationship between the OD and corporation. Being on the same page as an OD makes sure that things gets done with ease. In order for a working environment to be positive, there should be respect, trust and honesty among the employees and regional management. When the OD is respected and feels part of the team they want to build their career in corporate optometry.

2. Opportunities to Learn More

ODs value development and growth. This is even more true for millennials. Surveys have proven how individuals choose jobs based on their scope to grow both personally and professionally. For many ODs, a job is an opportunity to acquire new skills and expand their potential while becoming the best versions of themselves. Therefore, if a workplace helps

people learn new skills, offers the opportunity to meet new people, conducts training/workshops, it will be an ideal choice for many. Many corporate opticals offer resources and programs to be able to grow.

3. Being Recognized

Many corporate opticals realize that the heart of their business comes from their ODs. ODs want to be recognized. As a booster, ODS want to get credited for the work they have done well. Whether it is being there for many years, building a business, patient retention or a team player. This can be done by giving recognition in the workplace. Many corporate opticals will recognize ODs of the year.

4. Accepting and Promoting ODs

Nowadays, ODs want to work in a place that promotes them. Promoting ODs should also be prioritized in workplaces because it shows employees how accepting the workplace is. It also shows how the workplace will value every ODs uniqueness without making them act in a certain way. If ODs feel like they are part of something in corporate optometry, they will do more for that location.

5. Offering Additional Perks

Today’s world has become extremely fast paced and balancing a work with a personal life has become extremely difficult. This is why it has become a priority for individuals to find a job that encourages this balance. As a matter of fact, many individuals look for a job that is flexible. The reason for this is simple; flexible timings allow individuals to live their own life while successfully getting their job done everyday. The type of perks employees look for to balance their work life and daily life would be:

· Flexible working hours

· Profit sharing

· Programs to continue education

These are the top 5 things employees look for when they are considering a job apart from the salary. In order to retain their employees, it is important for workplaces to incorporate these values and offer the benefits and incentives mentioned above.

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