Reasons Not to Work with a Rep that is Rude to your Staff

An ophthalmic sales representative works for vendors in our industry and should work to help support your business as much as possible. While many reps can help your business, some can also hurt it. You must be careful as the bad representative can cause more damage than you think. One red flag is a rep that rude to your staff!

Working with the wrong rep may worsen your business. It’s best to consider certain factors about working with vendors besides pricing for your business.

It’s better to stay safe than sorry, so please understand the importance of working with a rep that values your staff. Here are a few red flags of a terrible representative.

Inconsistent Behavior

Since you as the Doctor: decision maker in your practice, they’ll be nice to you. They might trick you into believing they’re one of the nicest, most thoughtful people. However, if they’re nice to you but rude to your staff, please know they aren’t worth working with.

If they don’t treat your team, including your office manager and front desk staff, with respect, they don’t deserve to represent your business. Monitor them or ask your staff about how your rep is behaving with them when you are not around.

If your business changes and sales go down, they most likely will not value the partnership and not help to service your account or help to build it up. They view the relationship as only transactional when it benefits them.

Situational Value System

In a situational value system, an individual adjusts or changes their attitude based on the other person’s current status or wealth. This shift can be somewhat risky, as reps will value you based on your practice volume.

They won’t be genuine to your business or you, which means they can leave you anytime. You must work with reps that are loyal to your business and won’t adjust their charm according to how much money you make them.

The relationship is one sided, if you had to close your practice or sell it they would see no value. Unfortunately sometimes you only see their true colors when you don’t have real value to them.. Seeing how they interact with your staff is one way to catch this early. Reps can have tremendous value to your practice and career, choose wisely when determining which vendors to partner with and who was there for you when you were a small practice or

Superiority Complex

This type of complexity makes a person more narcissistic than grounded. This change can become problematic, especially if you’re doing business together. If they are rude to your staff they think they are superior to them. What makes you think if your status changed that they won’t do that same to you?

When one starts feeling superior to the other, it can cause many inconveniences, such as professional jealousy. Also, if your business starts losing numbers, your rep might leave you out of the blue because they’ll think too highly of themselves and won’t see themselves representing such a small business.

The superiority complex and also effect your business reputation as they might not provide valuable rebates and new information from their company because they feel that they are wasting their time with your account. Many reps that think this way will only show up to your office once a year or when they need to make a quota. Some will only call on you because your office is not worth their time to spend an hour and update you on the latest information.

Confidential Information

A business rep has all the information about the business; how much investment you put into, the revenue you’re generating, the losses you make, your marketing strategies – everything!

Such confidential information can make your business quite vulnerable, so please understand you cannot trust your rep, especially if they show signs of disloyalty. So, please ensure you try to keep such useful information hidden from your representative, as they can change colors at any time.

If your rep is speaking badly about other ODs then that might be a sign that you shouldn’t work with them. Reps that gossip should be flagged and removed from your office.

Not Team Players

Wouldn’t it be ideal if your rep was an excellent team player? Reps that are rude to the staff are not team players. It may happen, but don’t bet on it, as reps can be more business-oriented than you think. They are severely money-minded, and they only work for you as long as you bring them good business (in terms of revenue).

The moment you stop benefiting them, they won’t bat an eye before leaving you and finding an OD that’s more of use to them. Hence, you should know reps aren’t the most excellent team players, so keeping that in mind would help.

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