4 Ways You Can De-Stress at Work when you have a Full Book.

In times like these, taking a small break can work wonders for your mind. When you’re constantly working, your brain starts working against you. Adopt the following easy ways to make sure your productivity at work isn’t compromised and you’re able to go work without dreading it each day.

1. Listen to Relaxing Music

Slow music, like classical tunes, can have a soothing effect on your brain. When things get too hectic, it’s important to disengage for a couple of minutes by listening to relaxing music. Close your eyes and focus on the sounds that the instruments make. You’ll be surprised to find yourself energized within just seconds of this activity.

2. Take a Reading Break

Reading for six minutes a day can help relieve some of your stress and anxiety. If you’re getting caught up in your head about deadlines and projects, you need to pick up a book and allow yourself to lose yourself in the first few pages.

3. Drink Tea Instead of Coffee

When you’re always reaching for coffee to give your brain a boost, you can end up being more anxious than before because of the high caffeine content. So why not try sipping on something that would actually help you distress? Go for herbal teas instead. They have a manageable dose of energy and they also reduce inflammation.

4. Use Essential Oils

Essential oils are great for many illnesses but lavender oil is ideal for reducing stress. It can relieve headaches, depression, anxiety, and muscle tension as well. Keep a bottle of lavender oil at your desk. When you start feeling anxious, apply a few drops on your hands, massage them in, and deeply inhale the scent.

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