4 Reasons Why ODs Choose Employment in Corporate Optometry

Most optometry graduates these days prefer working as corporate optometrists. This provides more job security than being employed or starting cold. Corporate optometry may have its challenges, but too many benefits to ignore.

The work is a lot; corporate ODs are required to see at least 3 patients per hour depending on the brand, some require 6 an hour! However, ODs choose corporate optometry as a profession because of the numerous perks it brings.

Let’s explore why ODs prefer being employed in corporate optometry.

Steady Paycheck

When you’re working as a corporate OD, you’ll be getting paid a lot in general. Corporate ODs get quite attractive paychecks. That’s one of the reasons why ODs try to work in a corporate setting. The starting salary is pretty hefty; however, that depends on the country, region, and corporation size. If you start working as a corporate OD, you’ll find your finances much better. Many corporate opticals are offering sign on bonuses up to 20k and student loan repayment options. Raises are evaluated every year and many ODs get 2-4% raises every year.

Career Advancement to Leadership Positions.

The best part about working as a corporate OD is the careers advancement options. Recently Warby Parker promoted many ODs to Area ODs in their territories. They have programs to help train and elevate ODs to new promotions. Many corporations hand out awards to their ODs at the start to set the standard high. They set the benchmark high on purpose so that ODs will bring their A-game to work each time they treat a patient.

Look at Different Cases

Even though you’ll be working as an optometrist, you will need to treat patients with eye diseases. However, you won’t be limited to just that. You can treat other patients with other problems (if you want to). This is probably one of the best reasons to work as a corporate OD; you can explore other medical areas too. If you feel like adding more depth to your knowledge, you can always read other patients’ files to learn more about their condition.

Work-Life Balance

You might think being a corporate optometrist leaves you no time for anything else; however, that isn’t the case. Many ODs work 4 days a week and that is considered full time. . Being a corporate OD has its perks, one of them being the work-life balance it brings.

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